Fill-It 50 - Jack-Pod
Fill-It 50 - Jack-Pod

Fill-iT 50 - Jack-Pod™

The Fill-iT 50 Jack-Pod for professionals is an indispensable tool for every coffee shop, dispensary or cannabis wholesaler.

The Fill-iT will allow you to rapidly fill 50 Jack-Pods simultaneously with your choice of herbs. The light, aluminum Fill-iT 50 is exceptionally easy to use, thanks to the ingenious micro-dosing system. Subsequently, you can easily seal the Jack-Pods by means of the pivoting arm, making the Pods ready for use. 

The disposable Jack-Pods are filled with 0,2 gram of cannabis with a very small deviation. (+/- 1%). 50 Jack-Pods can be filled and closed in 3-4 minutes.

Using the Fill-iT 50, you save a lot of time and effort, while presenting the Jack-Pods in a neat and professional manner in your shop. Of course, the Jack-Pods can be used with our entire range of combustors and Vaporizers.

Would you like to fill your Jack-Pods with your herbs in the same quick manner, but on an even larger scale? Then check out our Fill-iT 200, which allows you to fill 200 Jack-Pods simultaneously in a blink of an eye. This immediately raises your productivity to a higher level.

Have a look at the demonstration video: