I-nvention B.V. - The Dutch Masters

I-nvention develops revolutionary products that facilitate the distribution and consumption of dried herbs, making it accessible for anyone who’d like to benefit from the advantages these herbs may offer. Whether you are a pharmacy, dispensary, or retailer, the products from I-nvention offer a broad solution for different kinds of problems you or your customers might have.

From our headquarter in Delft, the Netherlands we serve the broadening world, where dried herbs are legal to produce, sell and/or consume. With a small team, we invent, develop, and exploit products for professionals and consumers.  For instance, the Jack-Pod system; small dosing capsules that can easily be filled, sold, and consumed. An innovative system allowing any professional dispensary or pharmacy to easily fill, pack and distribute dried herbs in small doses, giving their customers and patients the possibility to find the right dose and mix of herbs that suits them best, without the need for any harmful additive like tobacco or rolling paper.

As a professional, you can sell your customers prefilled Jack-Pods or sell them the tools and ingredients they need to smoke their favorite strain or blend. The Jack-Pods can be consumed with the combustors developed by I-nvention. I-nvention offers professionals and consumers a whole range of products to easily fill, pack, promote, and smoke their favorite strain or blend of dried herbs.  


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